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Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

This on-line survey tool will give you a good assessment of your cybersecurity posture

by Eric Holdeman / February 12, 2018

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are working on a cybersecurity project. Part of that body of work has been the development of an on-line cybersecurity assessment survey.  See below for the details. 

We are looking for as many participants in the survey as possible, both governments and private sector. I hope you will take the time to take the survey online and then also use the PDF version as something you can share with others and use it to record your answers. See the link to the survey below: 


The Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Center for Regional Disaster Resilience is developing a regional Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for reporting cybersecurity incidents in the Maritime Transportation System. As part of this project, we have developed a survey and self-assessment tool to establish a baseline of the current status of cybersecurity readiness among public and private sector organizations.
Link to the survey: bit.ly/maritimecybersurvey
Printable PDF version of the survey: bit.ly/2ERWORg
Above, we have provided links to the online survey and printable PDF copy of the survey. This comprehensive survey and self assessment tool has been developed and vetted by our public-private stakeholder advisory group in several different forums. In addition, the survey can serve as a valuable self-assessment tool for your organization's cybersecurity maturity and capabilities. Feel free to print a copy to use internally.
We recommend you print a copy of the survey and use it to review your responses before taking the online survey. We believe this will offer the optimal value, since it is likely you will need to coordinate with multiple people in your organization in order to answer all of the questions. Note that all responses are confidential and there is no place on the survey to identify who is submitting the information. All data is non attributable, and will be used only to provide a baseline for cyber resilience in the Puget Sound region.
Please share this survey widely with your colleagues and industry partners to help us understand the current level of preparedness and priorities for reporting cyber incidents.
Please complete the online survey by 5:00PM, Friday, February 23rd.