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DHS IG Removes Old Reports on FEMA — That Were Positive

It smells like revisionist history to me.

by Eric Holdeman / March 11, 2018

Claire Rubin shared this article, Mostly positive FEMA reports under Obama removed. She mused about, "What the heck does this mean?"

I do know that anything done in the Obama administration is considered to be bad by the current administration. Thus, in all the departments, they are trying to undo anything that was done by Obama. It is because of this, I smell a rat!

Typically, when someone initiates a new policy or approach, it addresses events "going forward" and it does not go back to "correct mistakes of the past." It seems unseemly to me, but it would be in line with the modus operandi of those in power today. 

The part I really don't like is that it is the inspector general (IG) that is doing this. They are to be independent and above politics. Hmm!