Disaster Zone

Dismissed for Competence?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head!

by Eric Holdeman / April 16, 2018

Another Governing magazine article came to my attention this morning, see Dismissed for Competence?

This piece highlights the issue that sometimes things are not what they should be. You would think that anyone known for doing a great job and being recognized for providing exceptional leadership would not have to worry about their position. This is where politics crosses swords with efficiency and effectiveness. One of my quotes is, "Be willing to give up control to be more effective." While this is true in emergency management and disasters, it applies here too. 

I think one of the most destructive issues impacting government today is political ideology. People thinking that, "What I believe is right and correct and a better solution." We need to cut taxes and everything will be better! Really — will roads, schools and public safety be better with less funding. Tell me how that works?

But people have to learn the hard way. Just check out the state of Kansas and their grand experiment with supply-side economics, in the midst of an economic boom. The Legislature, made up of Republicans, has finally revolted against their Republican governor and raised taxes. They had run out of services to cut.

What has led to the schoolteacher revolt in multiple states? Grand experiments are great, except for the lab rats.