Disaster Zone

Establishment of a Drone Users Group in the Pacific Northwest

Following the Drone Workshop, a Users Group is being established.

by Eric Holdeman / July 8, 2018

Earlier I blogged on the drone workshop that was jointly hosted by the Pacific Northwest Economic Region's Center for Regional Disaster Resilience (CRDR) and the Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division.

The link above to the workshop now has additional information posted there to include a news release, Exploring the Possibilities of Drones.

Some presentations are posted there, but the majority of the information was shared via a series of panels and panel discussions.

One highlight is that a UAS/Drone Users Group is being established. Participation by a wide variety of Pacific Northwest public and private businesses is encouraged. The forum will be for the sharing of information between organizations either using drones now or exploring the best way to implement a UAS program.

This will be very informal and done via teleconference. If you have an interest and want to be included on the call notification emails the easiest thing to do is complete the very short survey and indicate your interest in the users group. You will be added to the contact list and be notified of upcoming calls.