Disaster Zone

FCC Mandates Improvements to Wireless Warning

The California fires pointed out the limitations of the existing WEA system.

by Eric Holdeman / January 11, 2018

See this story, FCC to Consider Cellphone ‘Geo-Targeting’ for Emergency Alerts.

The lack of precision in the existing Wireless Emergency Alerting (WEA) system was cited by first responders and emergency manager for the recent spate of California wildfires. And having vendor maps that show where their systems won't alert people will be very helpful.

It is too bad we'll have to wait a year to see these improvements being made available. 

I am still a strong believer in the Emergency Alert System (EAS) when it is tied in with the National Weather Service (NWS) and tone alert weather radios. They can sit there quietly and only alert, often in the middle of the night, when an alert is sent.