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Global Warming — Seattle Style

I know three people who added central air to their homes in the last two years.

by Eric Holdeman / January 4, 2019

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are known for having clouds, gray overcast skies and a continuous rain/drizzle. However, the past two summers have been terrific! Minus of course, the wildfire smoke in July and August. Yes, even the Pacific Northwest can have impacts from global warming.

Our version is described here, 2018’s heat set some records; 4 of Seattle’s 5 hottest years have now come this decade. I know that 85 degrees doesn't sound hot to some, but for folks who complain about physical activity after it gets to 70 — 85 is hot!

Not mentioned in the article is snowpack — which provides our summer supply of water for a variety of uses. So far so good — but it will become an issue. That's one of the reasons I've eliminated all my lawn areas except for two patches in front that can be mowed in less than 10 minutes. 

Nate Matthews-Trigg shared the link above.