Disaster Zone

Is Google Glass Ready for Prime Time?

We are getting closer to the time when wearable technology will be employed.

by Eric Holdeman / October 28, 2013

The next ten years will see an explosion in new technology that integrates personal technology devices into our everyday work and personal lives. 


The most prominent wearable technology entering the marketplace today is Google Glass.  As I've noted before, this type of technology will revolutionize how first responders in the field interact with their command posts and dispatch.  Besides making information immediately available to them in a hands-free environment it will provide immediate situational information back to people not in the field.  See Google Glass for Public Safety



The Samsung Watch is another example of wearable technology entering the consumer marketplace.  There will surely be adaptations of this technology for emergency management and first responders.  My question is, "What's next?"  I think long term we'll see the ability to control devices just by using our brains to think about the information that we need.  It might not be commercially available in my lifetime, but my grandchildren will see this type of revolution in human-technology integration.  I guess at that point we'll be "always on."