Disaster Zone

Job: Administrative Assistant 4 (Emergency Management Director's Office), Washington State

This is a position close to the action.

by Eric Holdeman / September 14, 2018

As a local emergency management director I would have had a hard time surviving without my Administrative Assistant, Melody Hall. She was invaluable in a number of ways that kept me and the office of emergency management "upright." I appreciated that she had common sense, was tuned in to office politics and was grounded as an individual. 

Check out this position that will serve with and support the Washington State Emergency Management Division Director, Administrative Assistant 4 (Emergency Management Director's Office).

Note that there are some leadership requirements that come with this position. In today's modern office environment, the number of administrative positions is greatly diminished, so it can be challenging to "support everyone" when they need help.

Good luck to those who apply!