Disaster Zone

Job: Internship Announcement

It is unpaid and not full time--but...it is experience

by Eric Holdeman / August 9, 2011

Having New Orleans and Mitigation on your resume is not a bad thing if you can sleep on someone's couch for a year.

New Orleans Hazard Mitigation Office--Internship Announcement

Internship Title: Hazard Mitigation Intern
Department: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness,
Hazard Mitigation Office

Position Description:
Hazard Mitigation Interns will support professional staff in the New Orleans Hazard
Mitigation Office. As an intern, you will help review FEMA disaster mitigation
documents, assist in the coordination of mitigation projects, collect and analyze data,
conduct fieldwork, and complete other tasks as necessary. As part of the internship
program, you will be reviewing floodplain management guidelines. By the end of the
internship, you should have gained sufficient expertise to become a Certified Floodplain
Manager. Interns must be able to work independently, handle complex projects, and
maintain effective work relationships. Interns are expected to act with the highest level of
integrity, be accountable and responsible, and submit regular progress reports.

• Undergraduate or graduate degree candidate
• Strong research, writing, and analytical skills
• Interest in hazard mitigation and disaster management

Department Description:
The Hazard Mitigation Office works to reduce risk from natural and man-made hazards to
improve the future resilience of New Orleans. Our office administers FEMA-funded hazard
mitigation programs, including localized flood reduction projects, elevation and
reconstruction of homes, and hardening of critical facilities. The office is responsible for
gathering knowledge about local hazards and incorporating this knowledge into city
planning and project development. We also communicate hazard and risk information to
residents, coordinate with city, state, and federal agencies, and build long-term capacity
in integrated disaster planning.

Interns are expected to attend an office orientation on September 9, 2011 and will begin
working September 12, 2011. Candidates should plan to commit 10-15 hours each week
during the fall semester. Preference will be given to candidates seeking year-long
internships. Candidates will be notified by September 1, 2011 if they have been selected
as a Hazard Mitigation Intern. This is an unpaid internship.

Application Deadline: August 22, 2011
How to Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to:
Miriam Belblidia, Hazard Mitigation Specialist