Disaster Zone

Job: Part-Time Emergency Management Program Manager

Another part-time job, foot in the door for full-time position.

by Eric Holdeman / March 9, 2017

Everyone wants to have a full-time job right out of the gate, but sometimes that doesn't happen. If you are flexible and willing to move to where there is a job, check out this: PROGRAM MANAGER, CITY OF SEATAC, Washington State, OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

Here's what I know. There are no inside candidates — which is good for someone coming from the outside. Even at part time, 28 hours a week, with no medical benefits, you can still support yourself here in this region living frugally — more pay than a teacher starting out, I can tell you that!

There is not a ton of applicants yet, so if you are mobile and looking to get into emergency management and bring some experience or that emergency management degree with you, why not try?