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Leadership Lessons From James Bond's Boss

What has "M" said that is applicable to our lives?

by Eric Holdeman / December 1, 2012

Where do you get your ideas and concepts about leadership?  Mine come from professional reading mostly, trying to be a keen observer of others who set "good" or "poor" examples and then there are the movies.


See 007 – Leadership lessons from M who is of course the head of the British secret service where James Bond is employed.  I've seen all the Bond movies and have been collecting Blue Ray versions of the latest flicks.  Yes, I saw the last movie that is in theaters now.  


I don't disagree with any of the seven lessons that are outlined.  One resonates in particular because I was reading about the topic just this morning.  That is to not wait for the perfect plan.  You need to come up with a path forward and start working, almost immediately.  Make course corrections along the way, but the clock is moving too fast for us to dilly dally around trying to come up with something that everyone will agree with or has the fewest weaknesses.  There are no perfect plans anymore--if ever there were any.  


Hit, adjust, rotate, hit again.  Keep the ball moving forward and make changes along the way as you become smarter about what it is you are doing.  Begin today--time is wasting away!


Neil Clement shared the link above.