Disaster Zone

Lights out at Super Bowl 47

I believe this is called "Business Continuity."

by Eric Holdeman / February 3, 2013

The Super Bowl is not so "Super" right now due to an electrical problem at the stadium in New Orleans.  Half the lights are out and the most important person in the stadium at this moment is not the NFL Commissioner, but the electrical engineer for the stadium.  Having plans in place for responding to "unusual" occurrences is normal, having the lights fail in the biggest football game of the year is not.


I'm sure that there will be an investigation about what caused the lights to go out, I know for certain it wasn't a squirrel getting into a transformer in this situation.  Might it be old infrastructure that hasn't been maintained?  Was there a known issue that was dismissed because it would cost too much to fix or the possibility of a failure was very remote?  Those are the money making decisions that many an organization makes, betting that the nothing will happen.


People talk about planning for worst case scenarios, and this isn't that--after all, not all the lights are out, but it is stopping play.  In the end this event could influence the outcome of the game.  Will it let the San Francisco 49's get back into it?  Time will tell.