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Loyalty to What?

To whom and to what are you loyal?

by Eric Holdeman / September 5, 2018

With recent news about The New York Times op-ed from a reported "senior official" in the Trump administration, it raises the question of loyalty. It is not a topic that dominates our day-to-day thinking or workplace discussions — normally anyway.

Have you thought about your own loyalties? Have you ever stood in the hallway and complained about your boss? Were you not being disloyal at the time? Did you ever think, "That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard," but you didn't speak up because you didn't want to be called out as being an eyeball roller and a naysayer?

This past weekend there was a great deal of coverage about Sen. John McCain's life and values. He professed loyalty first to the United States and then to the Republican Party — in that order.

There is the phrase that "blood is thicker than water," which refers to family loyalties come first. 

In actuality, loyalty is something that is an undercurrent in our everyday lives, we just don't think about it as such. I recommend you ratchet up your thinking on loyalty and become more attuned to where your loyalties are positioned within your personal value system. 

As for people who "demand loyalty," it is likely because they are doing things that they don't want on front page of the local newspaper. If you are in that environment, family or not, get out! FYI, the words "traitor" and "treason" are words the mob would use, along with "rat."