Disaster Zone

Man-Made Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma earthquake swarm rolls on.

by Eric Holdeman / June 9, 2017

Note: I found this blog posting "parked" from a number of months ago — sharing it here now.

Oklahoma is a large energy-producing state. There should be plenty of support for the oil and gas industry there due to the jobs and economic benefit that come from those industries. But when the ground shakes, the shelves rattle and you find it all "unsettling" then there is sure to be more interest in the topic of fracking and what they focus on here in the linked article, "disposal wells."

Some states have banned fracking altogether due to concerns about contaminating the water supply. Earthquakes are another matter that seem to pop-up in areas where extensive drilling has occurred. 

See this article:Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm Rolls on, Leaving Many Shaken Up. This is the juncture between politics, business, public safety — with science also being thrown into the mix.