Disaster Zone

Maps for First Responders

Esri has training courses for public safety agency personnel

by Eric Holdeman / December 19, 2016

Collectively, first responders and emergency managers are not taking full advantage of computer maps and data that is available now on the Internet and in their own communities. Here in the West every government I know of uses Esri-based software for its mapping purposes. The marketing information below for the Esri courses.

The ArcGIS platform helps turn raw data into actionable information that can be quickly disseminated in real time using maps and apps that anyone can understand.

Is your organization prepared to get the most value from your ArcGIS software? The right mix of training can fill skill gaps and drive momentum to apply location-based insight as a key public safety strategy.

Esri instructor-led courses emphasize ArcGIS best practices and hands-on, scenario-driven exercises. The e-Learning options cover focused topics such as field data collection, story maps, and real-time situational awareness using dashboards.

See this link for specific training information