Disaster Zone

Meet the Press: Climate Change and Disasters

Your problems in the national news

by Eric Holdeman / February 17, 2014

I've been watching and writing about this for some time.  I think that you and the profession of emergency management are being thrust on the national stage--whether you like it or not.


Watching Meet the Press this past weekend I got the sense that the debate about climate change is hinging on the number of disasters that are occurring and setting records for frequency, size, scope and cost.  The debate between Bill Nye The Science Guy and Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn was mostly about what's causing these issues.  


What I found interesting was David Gregory calling attention to the number of disasters and what the costs are becoming to local governments.  While others can debate the causes I suggest that we concentrate on the consequence management aspect of the climate debate and focus on "climate adaptation."  Remember not to be afraid of the topic.  Don't talk about climate change or global warming.  Talk about "climate variability."  Most people, not all, recognize the global temperatures are rising.  That will give you a foothold to the topic.  


I'm always working months ahead on my Eric's Corner Columns (there is a section on them at the link) and this is another topic I'll address in 2014.  If you wonder where the next boatload of Federal money is coming from in the future--it will be climate adaptation.  We are not there yet, and I recognize that another "big disaster" of a different type might usurp attention to the topic, can you say, "cyber?"