Disaster Zone

Mississippi River Flooding Another FEMA Challenge

For FEMA, first the tornadoes and now the flooding.

by Eric Holdeman / May 9, 2011

Tonight the city with a disaster bulls eye on it is Memphis, TN.  The Mississippi River was supposed to crest there today.  The challenge for FEMA will begin again with the recovery process. 


While FEMA has been doing OK and getting good marks for the tornado response they will need to surge once again for this latest flooding that is pretty widespread.  I'm guessing that just about all FEMA staff are being mobilized to help with the disaster response and recovery operations.  These events have a way of going, on and on and on.  The real work on a flood event comes when the flood waters recede and the damage assessment begins.


We'll have to see if Craig Fugate has enough people to go around and keep all the governors and state emergency management officials happy with the response they are getting from the Feds.  One more big event at some other location in the country could be the tipping point for running out of staff and having to triage the assignment of staff based on the greatest need.


Not to mention the National Level Exercise (NLE) is supposed to be happening!