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National Infrastructure Plan — Really, a State- and Local-Funded Effort

Here is one commentary on the federal document.

by Eric Holdeman / February 11, 2018

The first paragraph of the commentary reads, "“Today, I reviewed the White House’s 55-page infrastructure plan.  Here are some words that don’t appear anywhere in the document: ‘climate change,’ ‘renewable energy,’ ‘modern electric grid,’ ‘resilience,’ and ‘adaptation.’

The above, plus the funding model being put forward is of concern to me. 

The above comes from the Union of Concerned Scientists: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan a State Burden and Pretext for Regulatory Rollbacks.

Another aspect of the current presidential administration is this focus on "short-term gains." Be it a quick tax cut and a few hundred bucks in our citizens' pockets, with no regard for the long game of governing.

The Congress showed that it too is merely looking for votes, rather than investing in our nation's future when they passed the most recent budget with another trillion dollars in debt — looming in our future.