Disaster Zone

Nationally: We have Deathtrap Schools

Schools everywhere are not a high priority when it comes to safety.

by Eric Holdeman / April 10, 2018

This op-ed from the NY Times, America’s Deathtrap Schools, highlights the issues of school systems across the nation. I've railed against the issue of schools here in Washington state not being seismically safe — to no good end! Washington state is not alone in ignoring the issue. 

I once figured it out, and if I recall it right, 18 percent of our population in King County was K-18 and attending school. That is no small number! We owe them a good education in a "safe school." 

Once we kill a few kids in a disaster we'll take a bit of action — for a period of time, and then we'll back off on mandates on safety. Look at what Oklahoma did, and they had seven students killed in one school by a tornado.

Wendy Freitag shared the link above.