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New Eric Holdeman Webpage

Keeping up with the times. How about you?

by Eric Holdeman / February 10, 2019

My old webpage was looking a little tired. It was actually about 10 years old. While the content was still good and being added to all the time, the format for webpages has changed over time and a refresh was needed. You can check it out at http://ericholdeman.com/

I encourage you to check out your own personal webpages, be they for yourself or more likely for the organization you work for or are in charge of. Back in the Wild West of webpages, around the turn of the century, every agency was whipping out new formats right and left. Then "webpage Nazis" in the parent organization started dictating the basic format for the layout of the page. I understand the desire for uniformity, but it does cramp creativity at lower levels. 

The only other comment about webpages is keeping them up to date and fresh with new information. Again, back in the dark ages, organizations would pop up a webpage and it was just a static, billboard-like site. For myself, I put all my professional writings up on the site and I post new Disaster Zone TV Shows as they are completed and available on YouTube. Once I figure out how to do podcasts myself, I'll get those going. A spot has been reserved on my webpage for those. 

If you are looking for Web design services, I used Katie Englund with Fresh Design Concepts and she was terrific to work with. And, I would be remiss not to mention Jaime Quick at Changeup Advisors who is my go-to person for all my PR needs. For emergency management type work, Jaime is great because he was the public information officer (PIO) for the King County Office of Emergency Management, so he understands our business.