Disaster Zone

New Florida EM Director a Legislator and Clean-up Contractor

We are looking for competency.

by Eric Holdeman / December 11, 2018

The president or governor can appoint whoever looks good to him or her on paper, or based on their personal evaluation of the candidates available. For Florida, there is this news, DeSantis Names Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, as Florida’s Emergency Management Chief.

He may be the perfect candidate. My antenna goes up a bit when the experience comes from being the general counsel for a disaster recovery and environmental services company, AshBritt. I guess that means that they, AshBritt, don't expect to get any work in Florida from the state, since that would "appear to be a conflict of interest" with him just leaving the company.  

General counsel and being an emergency manager are two different things. I wish him well, since the people of Florida are counting on him, and in Florida, it isn't likely you can skate by four years with no disasters. 

Time will tell!