Disaster Zone

Nifty Idea: Mobile Telescoping Barriers

We have all deployed barriers for some reason or another. Here's a nifty system.

by Eric Holdeman / February 5, 2013

We have collectively purchased billions of dollars in equipment in the last ten years.  All of this courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  While I'm ready to commit to spending more funding on regional planning or exercises one new type of equipment has caught my eye.


Check out www.safe-crossings.com for their take on mobile or permanent barrier systems to block or channelize traffic.  These are not K rated barriers for stopping a speeding car or truck.  Instead I see these as the replacement for the old "saw horse" barrier that is used throughout our nation as a cheap way to indicate that a road is closed or an area is off-limits.


They have a variety of systems that have a telescoping capability to extend over the full width of a road.  These can be totally mobile, on a trailer or even on a trailer hitch.  Or, for areas that require frequent closing they can be permanently mounted.  Back when I was in the Army we'd have to go close roads for when there were live firing exercises to keep people out of the impact area.  


And, these don't break the bank like other heftier systems.  If you have a road that always floods and you need a quick deploying system or that community fair that requires downtown to be blocked off--here is a solution for you.