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Quote: On work and relaxing

There will be plenty of time to "relax" when I'm dead.

by Eric Holdeman / December 4, 2011

“You cannot run 24/7, 365 days a year.  You need to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.”  John Thompson  Hmm, is he talking about me?  I have to admit that generally speaking, I’m almost always working.  Is that so wrong? 


I get up early, 4:30AM on weekdays, ride the exercise bike and read periodicals and professional journals while exercising.  A quick blog post, off to the shower and then during breakfast more reading, probably one article while eating a bowl of cereal.  Then it is commute to work (I get my news via NPR), generally home by 6PM and I’ll change clothes and see what email has come in while my wife is making dinner. 


Back up to the office after dinner for another blog post, writing an article or working on a project.  The good news is that during the winter I don’t have to worry about the garden pulling me out to weed, water and deadhead.  By 9PM I’m back downstairs for a cup of coffee and to watch something we’ve recorded from TV (eliminates the ads and saves 15-20 minutes).  On weekends I’ll watch a movie at home in the evenings.  I try to be in bed by 9:30-10:00PM.


When on vacation I always take my laptop with me so that I can continue my blogging.  The good news is my wife likes to sleep in, so I can get my “work done” before she is up and ready to roll.


Relaxation for me is not that critical a component or goal in my life.  In fact I slept in an extra hour this morning and I was thinking about what I could have gotten done in that hour.  Now I’m behind!


Tonight is Sunday Night Football on NBC.  I’ll use this time to wrap the Christmas gifts for our family.  Yes, I’m the official wrapper! 


The day will come when I don’t have the energy or health to do everything I’m doing now.  Until that day comes, I’ll keep working!  I'll relax when I'm dead.