Disaster Zone

Sound Retreat — Climate Change

Another military term that applies to the weather and the climate.

by Eric Holdeman / January 12, 2018

I had a blog post last week on the bomb cyclone that hit the Northeastern portion of the United States. "Bomb" is of course a military item/term and I'd like suggest for the issue of climate change and sea rise, we need to "Sound Retreat!" As in back away from the beach, the water and the view.

See this item shared by Claire Rubin, Sea Level Rise Is Creeping into Coastal Cities. Saving Them Won’t Be Cheap.

Sea walls can only do so much and with extreme conditions, they too can fail at the critical moment when they are being called on to protect. 

I figure we will have to dig ourselves into a very deep hole before we come to our collective senses about the mess we have gotten ourselves into. It is the American way!