Disaster Zone

Space Coast Preparedness Information

One county's disaster preparedness messaging.

by Eric Holdeman / October 10, 2017

I sometimes get unsolicited information from different organizations, and Kimberly Prosser, director of Brevard County Emergency Management, shared the link below to their disaster preparedness Web page with the note below. 

"In response to your blog post: we developed our own public education outreach materials in-house, posted them on our website: http://www.brevardfl.gov/EmergencyManagement/Preparedness, have them printed, and distribute them ourselves and through various county and community facilities and outreach events.

We found the generic documents to be less helpful than we’d like, plus we wanted people to know exactly what types of hazards they could face in our county."

Of course you need to have the budget to do the above, but I agree that targeting your specific hazards (a volcano where I live) can be helpful and people like to see information coming from their own public officials and organizations.