Disaster Zone

The Bucket List -- For Disaster Preparedness

This is a nice "take off" on the movie title "The Bucket List"

by Eric Holdeman / January 27, 2013

Getting people prepared for disasters is not an easy task.  If it was, it would have already been done.  Anything we can do catch people's attention to the topic is worth trying.  The other day I was at my local emergency management office for Pierce County.  I saw a flyer and picked one up because it caught my eye.  See The Bucket List--your 7-Day Emergency Kit  Go past the first page (that is really the backside of the printed flyer).


The Bucket List name is a take off on the movie by the same name.  It is a nice technique to copy the title and use it to get people to pay attention--if only for a moment.  It becomes one more "impression" on the need for disaster preparedness.  This is the type of walk-by sale that can happen when people are in stores and going up and down the isles "window shopping" or if positioned on the end of an isle it would make a compact display that even more people will see and hopefully act on.


I don't know if this was their idea or they copied it from somewhere else.  We do love to steal other people's ideas and use them for ourselves.  It is national sport in emergency management circles.