Disaster Zone

The Collaboration Iceberg

I love it when I find someone who knows what they are talking about.

by Eric Holdeman / April 24, 2012

Ana-Marie Jones commented on my blog posting about collaboration Collaborate or Perish with one of her own.  As the Director of a small nonprofit she knows something about collaboration, and she is soooo on the mark about what it takes to collaborate.  To begin with I love the iceberg graphic that she constructed.  It is all hope and sunshine with scattered clouds on the surface, but below is the menacing, Titanic sinking issues that have sunk many an effort at collaboration.  


Collaboration Iceberg


I've never tried to link to a Facebook posting, but here is her Collaboration! posting that illustrates how collaboration looks to the smaller jurisdiction when the "big boys and girls come shoving their way in and talking partnerships--that all go their way.  Her information and view is right on the money!


I love, love, love it!