Disaster Zone

The Federal Emergency Management Administration Agency (FEMAA)

Amen brother, Amen!

by Eric Holdeman / June 8, 2018

I've never tried to post a link to a LinkedIn article, but here goes: With FEMA's abdication, who will lead disaster preparedness? You might have to be a LinkedIn member to access it — maybe?

Vincent Davis, who authored the above, has hit the nail on the head when it comes to our current situation with FEMA appearing to back away from the role that they have embraced since the 1992 Hurricane Andrew took them down low and put a nail in their disaster response coffin. The lesson they learned and was taught to state and locals was — blame FEMA if we screw up. FEMA, on the other hand, learned, do everything possible to respond so we don't get blamed.  

Nationally, we have screwed up our "emergency management system" royally. Everyone has the wrong expectations from top to bottom. No one wants responsibility for their actions, or in most cases, inactions when it comes to becoming more disaster resilient.

Last night I had dinner with a longtime local and state emergency manager. She said she is giving up and and has done what she can, but is tired of the inaction by all levels of government. We act as though talk and studies accomplish something — when really it is all a smokescreen.

This is her last year to work professionally and she is glad to be moving on into retirement. She's tired of the game ... with no real results.

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