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The Promise of 5G

If public agency greed and ignorance doesn't kill it.

by Eric Holdeman / February 3, 2019

By now just about everyone should have heard of 5G which is the wireless progression we have lived through. Remember 3G and 4G?

See this Government Technology column on 5G Can Enable Smart Cities — If Policymakers Allow It. 

My next blog posting will be on alert and warning. 5G is one of the technologies that could help with getting the word out faster to larger groups of people. 

The good news is that 5G doesn't need big cell towers that were always a NIMBY target. Instead they are much smaller boxes spread throughout a community — ideally in urban areas since the range is not what it was for 3G or 4G. Read the article and you will see what I mean by communities trying to make a buck on the backs of 5G. I think the better route is to facilitate the installation of these systems so that it propels the community forward with high connecting speeds. 

Still there is another new NIMBY issue with even these. Death rays!