Disaster Zone

Three Things that Drive Disaster Recovery

They all have to do with people.

by Eric Holdeman / October 3, 2017

Puerto Rico is not in the disaster recovery mode just yet. With many areas of the island's interior still cut off due to blocked roads and significant portions of the island lacking fresh water ... it is a full on disaster response almost two weeks into the event.

To recover, there will need to be, besides electrical power and water:

Housing for people to live in. Mom and dad are not going to work if the family does not have a roof over their heads. Much of the housing inventory in the island commonwealth was destroyed or significantly damaged. 

Schools have to be functioning. With most homes being funded by two working parents, schools are an important part of the mix. 

Jobs have to be available to support families. 

The three items listed above are interdependent with one another. If one is missing, the other two will struggle. Puerto Rico will have a long hill to climb for disaster recovery to take hold.