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Three Tips for Interviewing

These are basic, but then many people are not getting training in how to interview.

by false / February 5, 2013

Sometimes I need to remind myself that people just graduating from college may in many cases never interviewed for a job.  In fact, many Gen Y age men and women never worked when they were in school; not even summer employment.  


With that in mind, even basic tips might be helpful to someone going to an interview for the first time.  These are really basic:


  • Empty your pockets
  • Put of the mirror
  • Negotiate later


The one item I'll disagree with is not taking the interviewer up on something to drink.  You can get cotton mouth in a heartbeat and water is fine.  If offered--take it.


You can get the basic information in this video:  3 Tips for Interviewing Like a Boss  What I like about it is the visual aspect (albeit at 1.5 to make the presentation keep up with the speaker).  It provides another way to communicate the message and perhaps make it more "sticky" by having the visual which will appeal to -- visual learners.  


Trust me there is a great deal more to interviewing techniques, but this is a starting place.