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Two Jobs: Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD)

There are two training and exercise coordinator postions open at Washington State EMD.

by false / February 15, 2011

Washington State Emergency Management Division has not one, but two openings for Training and Exercise Coordinators.  One supports the special hazards plans for a nuclear power plant and the Department of Energy programs at Handford in the Tri-Cities area.


Because of the uncertain budget era we are in they have stated that, "These positions are Non-Permanent and are anticipated to last up to 12 months."  But, if you are looking to break into the field and need a job--some experience is better than no experience.  The DOE position is contract funded, and I'm sure the HLS position is grant funded.  Very little State of Washington General Fund money gets spent on emergency management.  I expect it is way less than 20% these days.


I got my start in the civilian side of emergency management as the Chemical Stockpile Training and Exercise Coordinator for Washington State, moving up a few months later to become the Exercise and Training Section Supervisor.  It was a fun time and our team accomplished a great deal in those early years.