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Two Sea Rise Scenarios

One here in the USA, another one across the pond.

by Eric Holdeman / March 19, 2017

While some may say there is no climate change, the "rising tides" will eventually be lapping at their feet, and then their knees. See these two articles about rising seas.

The first one, Louisiana wetlands threatened with sea-level rise four times the global average, is an example of a combination of rising waters and sinking land. I don't think there is much chance of the state or the feds doing much to abate the issue in the next four years, which if the author's measurements are correct, will be another 2 inches of water lapping up the shore.

Then there is Extreme sea levels could endanger European coastal communities. Coastal flooding will be an issue just about everywhere. One of the few places that we are not seeing much is here in the Pacific Northwest. I think it is because of the seismic uplift caused by the Cascadia Earthquake Fault. When that ruptures, the coast could drop several feet all at once — which will definitely cause the "seas to rise" in communities all along that fault zone. 

Claire Rubin shared the first link above.