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Updated: DHS Secretary Reported as Being Close to Resigning

Character matters, and I can read those tea leaves

by Eric Holdeman / May 10, 2018

There was this report from earlier today, Homeland Security Secretary Was Close to Resigning After Trump Berated Her.

See an op-ed at the end of this posting, on the issue of the DHS Secretary being reported as considering resigning.

I'm not surprised by the behavior of the president and how it impacts the people he leads. He was not happy with the rise in illegal crossings at the border. His behavior reminds me of a Lt. Gen. Bobby Fair (if I remember right). When he became the commanding general of the Second Armored Division sometime around 1974-75, he was reported to have yelled and screamed at his subordinate commanders about the number of AWOL reports (soldiers absent without leave). 

Guess what, the AWOL rate (reported) went down, maintenance and vehicle readiness went up! I think people were playing with the numbers to avoid the wrath of the boss. I personally was out looking for AWOL soldiers in the community so we would not have to report them as AWOL. I went to one house and dug the offender off of the living room floor where he was camped out with a girlfriend. By Fair's efforts, his command numbers were turned around and he was promoted to corps commander and given a third star. I ended up in Germany (for six months — Brigade 75) and he was the corps commander there, Fifth V Corps (?).  

Anyway, he tried the same tactic with his divisional commanders, two-star generals. They would have none of it. His behavior got back to the Department of the Army and one day he was quickly and quietly removed from his command. That is leadership being effective and countering behaviors that are "unbecoming an officer and a gentleman."

Yelling is not an impeachable offense, but I do believe that character matters.

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