Disaster Zone

Warning: A Social Media Tsunami is Coming

Something is going on. People are either heeding or ignoring the warning signs.

by Eric Holdeman / February 17, 2011

I can remember when I first learned a little bit about Tsunamis -- to begin with, the term.  Up until then I called them tidal waves.  Of course I was at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, near Lake Michigan, but far from an ocean tsunami.  I really didn't know any signs of what an approaching tsunami might look like.


Two key indicators are an earthquake and the rapid withdrawl of water back into the ocean.  These two phenomenon create two different behaviors.  There are those who have no clue as to what is going on and go about their daily business.  They might even go down to the beach to look at all the boats that are high and dry and perhaps see some stranded fish flopping now on the wet sand.  The other people who "have a clue" as to what to expect run for the hills to save their lives, warning others along the way of what is coming and that they are not safe.


This is my warning.  Run!!!!   The social media tsunami is coming!  Run for your professional lives!!!  You need to read every lick of literature you can find about social media and how it is being applied today in business, government, nonprofits and between individuals.  Look to those who are already using it, even in some limited way and copy what they are doing.  Become involved yourself.  Sign-up and participate in Twitter.  It is the easiest of them all.  Establish a profile on LinkedIn and Facebook.


You are about to be swept away by the social media tsunami.  Ignore the naysayers and eyeball rollers!  They will be carried blissfully by the undercurrents and smashed up against some rock or impaled by a piece of floating debris somewhere along the way.


Need I say it again, "Run for your professional lives toward social media!"  Just Google Social Media Tsunami and see what comes up.