Disaster Zone

West Virginia Needs to Do the Paperwork

FEMA disaster recovery can be complicated, but if you take the money, you have to do the reports and accounting.

by Eric Holdeman / November 15, 2018

Disaster recovery is not simple, especially when it comes to completing and maintaining an ever-changing set of FEMA rules and interpretation of rules. Just ask West Virginia, see Officials: FEMA penalized WV emergency management six months before flood.

Their problems go back to 2009 — which is a pretty long time to be deficient in doing their paperwork. The state of Florida has had its own issues with the recovery paperwork. Just think about the number of disasters and how these can go on and on and on. Ten years or more for one disaster — when it comes to FEMA recovery.

My best advice: Hire someone with great attention to detail and who knows the regulations. That person will be employed forever!