Disaster Zone

What EMP or CME? No Need to Worry...Really?

Are we possibly competent and ready in any area of natural or technological hazards?

by Eric Holdeman / June 10, 2018

It appears to me that we, here in the United States, are totally committed to not doing the right thing to manage our risks and become more resilient. 

As Exhibit A, I give you Incompetency on EMP endangers America. 

This is a topic I've written on numerous times. Here in the Pacific Northwest and Central Puget Sound we, in 2019, will be doing a Long-term Power Outage Exercise, called Blue Cascades that will look at the threat and the cascading impacts of not having a functional electrical grid for, not day, but weeks and months.  Think Puerto Rico!

Name the hazard and give America a rating of 1-10, with ten meaning we are "competent, coordinated and ready." For large mega events I don't think we even are at a Five on the readiness scale--anywhere!

David Fichtenberg, an average citizen (I guess he really isn't average--since he is interested in the topic) highlighted all the issues for me that I've boned up on and become much more knowledgeable on. How about you, what do you know about the NASA Space Weather warning system. Should you get a warning--what would your agency do or tell the public?

Steve Myers shared the link on EMP.