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When to Upgrade Your Technology

How big a jump to take?

by Eric Holdeman / September 12, 2017

As individuals and organizations technology has entered into our lives and in many cases dominates how we perform our various functions. Today's announcement of the new iPhone models is giving me pause for reflection on the issue of how much technology am I willing to pay for?

See this article that is projecting what the changes will be to the upgrading the existing models and announcing an entirely new iPhone, Apple’s iPhone Event: What You Need to Know.

This is one technology upgrade that I may sit back on and contemplate before upgrading my personal phone. Do I need facial recognition on my phone? Do I need to pay $1K for a phone? I have to say that a faster processor and longer battery life seems very appealing and something I feel I need — but, the leap to the iPhone X, maybe that can wait another two years.

I am not standing line for a new phone and I'll want to go in and feel and touch the phones before I make a final decision.  

All of the above translates to what we do organizationally for our various departments. When to jump? How much to pay? Is the adoption of new technology worth the time, effort and money?