Public Health

Simulated Movie Theater Shooting Trains Students in Emergency Care

JoAnne Viviano, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio / March 14, 2018

U.S. Remains Unprepared for Agricultural Disease Outbreaks

Madeline Bodin / November 13, 2017

Drive-Thru Flu Clinic Growing in Popularity

Evan Belanger, The Decatur Daily, Ala. / October 20, 2017

EMS Director Says Nalaxone is a 'Bandage Not a Cure'

Critley King, Richmond Register, Ky. / August 1, 2017

The Heroin Antidote Narcan will Soon be in Every Akron Public Middle and High School

Theresa Cottom, Akron Beacon Journal / July 11, 2017

New Hospitals Aimed at 'Unserved and Underserved Communities'

Chris Kudialis, Las Vegas Sun / June 16, 2017

Public Health Officials Prep for Zika as Funding Cuts Loom

Liz Freeman, Naples Daily News, Fla. / June 1, 2017

NH House Passes Emergency Funding Measure to Enable DHHS to Pay its Bills

Dave Solomon, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester / May 19, 2017

Communities Scramble To Deal With Harm From Opioids

Edith Brady-Lunny, The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill. / May 15, 2017

Federal Funds for State-Level Zika Tracking, Prevention May End Soon

Ana B. Ibarra, Kaiser Health News / May 4, 2017

St. Luke's Hospital Unveils New Germ-Killing Robot

Lauren Lindstrom, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio / April 27, 2017

State Says Local Health Departments Must Monitor Waterways for Toxic Algae

Marion Renault, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio / April 3, 2017
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