2017 SCADA/ICS Security Symposium

Apr 13, 2017
Folsom, CA


Not so long ago, seasoned control engineers would laugh at the thought of having their industrial control and SCADA systems connected to the Internet. However, times have changed, and today the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is interconnecting industrial control system (ICS) devices and critical infrastructure to the Internet at an unprecedented pace. This in turn is forcing a fast, large-scale convergence of old and new technologies that is reshaping the reliability, availability and security of industrial environments. The 2017 SCADA Security Symposium will gather public sector organizations to discuss the cybersecurity threats that are aimed at disrupting transportation networks, water treatment, power grids and other publicly managed systems that use SCADA and ICS technology. Conversations will focus on trends, challenges and best practices to help organizations be better prepared for the concerted efforts to disrupt public infrastructure.

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Intel Folsom

1900 Prairie City Rd., Bldg. FM7
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Intel Folsom

1900 Prairie City Rd., Bldg. FM7
Folsom, CA 95630