Atlanta GovTech Social Academy 2017

Mar 14 - 15, 2017
Atlanta, GA


The GovTech Social Academy headed to Atlanta, Georgia on March 14-15th, where attendees joined fellow communicators to share stories and ideas from the trenches of government social media, gain insight from local leaders in the field, meet the hosts of the GovTech Social Podcast and participate in a live recording of the latest episode. 
The GovTech Social Academy was structured in an ‘unconference’ format, which gives each attendee the opportunity to help create the agenda. Eight sessions in this event were dedicated to the topics, stories, and questions attendees decide to explore with each other. To make this possible, there were three key steps:

  1. To kick off the conference, we conducted a Pitch Session on the first day. During the Pitch Session, all attendees who had an idea for a breakout session will had up to 60 seconds to present their idea to the rest of the audience. If anyone had more than one breakout session idea, they were free to get back in line and pitch again!
  2. After the Pitch Session, we listed the ideas that were presented and took a break to allow all attendees to “vote” for the breakout sessions they wanted to attend.
  3. The most popular breakout sessions formed the agenda for the rest of the unconference. If your session was selected, it was your responsibility to run the session in the format of your preference. Presenters were welcome to present information, lead the discussion, or simply kick off the session and see where it went. The goal is to foster open discussion and create value for yourself and your peers.

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Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown

275 Baker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 577-2001

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Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown

275 Baker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 577-2001