California Public Sector CIO Academy 2014


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This invitation-only event brings together the C-level community unlike any other conference. Developed by and for government, the California CIO Academy is designed to address the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public sector CIO in the State of California.


Keynote Speakers:


February 25, Morning Keynote

From Analyst to Hero: How Big Data Led to Bin Laden

Nada Bakos, Former CIA Analyst and Current Inquisitor

Nada Bakos was a routine CIA analyst until 9/11 changed the world forever. Nada was immediately assigned to a series of critical assignments aimed at Al-Qaeda's leadership. Eventually she headed up the team that is credited with a crucial breakthrough: they discovered an emissary used by Bin Laden to communicate to operatives in the region. It was this emissary who helped lead the U.S. to Bin Laden’s personal courier who in turn led our forces to the compound in Pakistan. The rest is history. In this riveting keynote address, Nada tells the inside story of how Big Data helped lead to the capture of Al-Qaeda leaders, including the most wanted man in history. Her inspirational messages include: never give up, love what you do, the importance of teamwork, and why every job has meaning.


February 25, Afternoon Keynote

Communicating in a Crisis - 30 Years of Work Destroyed in 30 Seconds

Anthony Huey, Owner, Reputation Management Associates

Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year or even in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be sure that a crisis will put your organization’s hard earned image and reputation up for grabs. Learn how to communicate with the media, and many other audiences, during a crisis. Attendees will learn how to respond to questions briefly and directly, and learn how to control the flow of information in a crisis.


February 26, Lunch Keynote

Shannon Spanhake headshot

Governing Innovation: Managing change and changing management

Shannon Spanhake, Deputy Innovation Officer City & County of San Francisco

The Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation in San Francisco set out to inspire a new way of thinking about government. The office has been responsible for growing the city-wide Open Data program and launching a new effort that extends open data concepts to our public realm.  Shannon Spanhake will discuss how these types of projects require that government rethink its relationship to risk.


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