California Public Sector CIO Academy 2015



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This invitation-only event brings together the C-level community unlike any other conference. Developed by and for government, the California CIO Academy is designed to address the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public sector CIO in the State of California.

This Year's Topics Include:

•    Aligning IT to Program Objectives
•    The Art of Negotiation
•    Capturing Outgoing Knowledge – Succession Planning
•    Managing a Culture of Change
•    Lessons in Leadership
•    Mobile Workforce
•    Recruiting and Retaining the New Workforce
•    Setting Clear Expectations/Vision - Measuring What Matters
•    Social Media as a Tool
•    Communicating the Right Way
•    Innovation Thinking
•    Getting and Keeping the Legislature on Your Side
•    CIO 101 – An Executive Survival Guide


Featured Speakers:

Opening Keynote, February 24

Richard Lapchick headshot

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion: Lessons from Sports

Richard E. Lapchick, Human Rights Activist and Director, DeVos Sport Business Management, College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida

Richard Lapchick is a renowned human rights activist, pioneer for racial equality, author, and internationally recognized expert on sports and social issues. He is often described as “the racial conscience of sport.” He is commitment to equality and positive social change. By sharing his personal journey using sports as a platform to educate people, Richard inspires the understanding that a leader is somebody who stands up for justice and doesn’t block its path. 


Lunch Keynote, February 24

Innovating Everyday

Holly Green, Author, Owner, The Human Factor, Inc.

The biggest threat to your organization may not be new technologies, changing markets or unseen competitors.  It’s what you think you know and what made you successful to date.  In today’s chaotic world, unlearning has become just as important as learning.  What are you still relying on that no longer applies to today’s business world?  What is getting in the way because it used to work?  It’s not easy to get unstuck, replace the old with the new, and stay focused to get the results you want, but it is possible. Learn how to uncover the “thought bubbles” floating around in your head that keep you stuck in the past.  


Morning Keynote, February 25

Anthony Huey headshotCommunicating the Right Way - It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Anthony Huey, Owner, Reputation Management Associates

Communication skills are constantly being judged by others, often subconsciously. How you communicate in everything from casual conversations to formal presentations can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t miss what is often your only opportunity to connect and leave a lasting impression. Learn to think quickly, take control, and effectively communicate your message to a wide variety of audiences including customers, vendors, internal staff, boards, management, community partners, the news media, and even elected officials.


Barbara Gomolski headshot

Lunch Keynote, February 25

How Top Leaders Achieve Break-Through Performance in Project Delivery

Barbara Gomolski, Managing Vice President, IT Finance and Workforce Management, Gartner

Appetites for new, IT-enabled business capabilities are more avid than ever, yet the average success rate for application delivery remains stubbornly stuck in the neighborhood of 60%. In a recent study, Gartner examined the practices of organizations that achieve success rates of 90% or more. This presentation will share the findings of that research, and reveal the key leverage points make a very big difference in the yields from investments involving IT.


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