FutureStructure: Transportation & the Built Environment Summit 2014


Built around the theme of “The FutureStructure of Cities: Where We Live and How We Move” this event is a unique opportunity for public sector leaders to meet and look beyond traditional boundaries toward a collaborative, connected future.

This is the second of two 2014 FutureStructure Summits and will focus on opportunities and challenges associated with transportation and the built environment.  The first Summit is August 28 in Boston and  focuses on water, waste and energy.

Where we live and how we move are poised to undergo radical transformations. The swiftly evolving nature of our transportation systems point toward a very near future where in where driving takes on an entirely new meaning. Autonomous and connected vehicle technology will spur regional stakeholders to rethink how people and transportation connect. Beyond moving ourselves to and fro, emerging intelligent transportation systems will change our concept of mobility, of mass transit, of fleet management and of transit-oriented development. How will such developments change our cities? How might our lives change as well? And how will cities pay for these initiatives?

But how we get about is only half the equation. The built environment is also undergoing significant change. On one hand, well thought out land use planning sets optimal patterns for community development and social interaction. On the other, buildings in these communities serve as hubs around which our transportation, waste, water and energy system revolve.  Both are vital.  Technologies are making buildings better connected and more intelligent while also making them more comfortable and efficient in their use of energy and water. We need to make major improvements in how we build out the built environment to create more robust economies and vibrant communities. Civic leadership will be tasked with guiding the development of these communities that are sustainable and resilient.
It’s an exciting future and one in which today’s norms may quickly seem antiquated. Join us at the summit and lend a hand in helping craft a roadmap. The cities of tomorrow will be deeply interconnected. But achieving such change will require an equally interconnected community of visionary civic leaders.


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