Nov 19, 2013

"I am excited to invite you to the 2013 Maine Digital Summit. We expect an excellent program with engaging keynote speakers, informative breakout sessions and opportunities for networking. The Summit is a great chance to share ideas and solutions, and make connections. This is a critical time in our industry - we need to be learning, sharing, and working together. The challenges before us have never been greater, but the spirit in our industry to work together is also great. We are really building those public / private partnerships that will be critical for us moving forward. We are seeing the effectiveness of those partnerships already, whether it is to encourage the next generation of IT resources (Project Login), or building a unified cyber security response (UMaine Cyber Security lab), or talented young people building systems to improve communication between government and its citizens (Code for America). I hope you will be able to join us, and build tomorrow's solutions and partnerships; the Digital Summit is the right foundation to help us move forward together."

- Jim Smith, Chief Information Officer for the State of Maine


Tuesday Nov 19

Time Session
8:00 - 9:00AM

Registration and Morning Refreshments

9:00 - 9:15AM

Opening Remarks

  • Jim Smith - Chief Information Officer, State of Maine
9:15 - 10:15AM

Opening Keynote - Exploration is a State of Mind

In a fast-changing world, everyone is an explorer whether they know it or not, particularly in government IT. We are constantly traveling across uncharted terrain:... more

10:15 - 10:45AM


10:45 - 11:45AM

Concurrent Sessions


Driving Change and the Role of the Business Analyst

Successful private sector organizations have been forced to quickly adapt to change to survive extreme competitive pressures. Government may not have competition, but they... more

  • Doug Averill - Director of Business Process Management, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine
  • Cathy Novak - Industry Principal, Public Sector, Pegasystems, Inc.

Building the Next Generation Workforce

Good IT people are hard to find...and even harder to keep. Impending retirements are pushing organizations to solve this challenge sooner rather than later.... more


Protecting Your Information and Applications

The security environment is becoming increasingly complex due to factors such as transparency, shared services, data sharing, mobility, cloud computing and social networking - all... more

  • Daniel Durgin, CISSP - Enterprise Secuirty Officer, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine
  • Edward Sihler - Scientific Systems Administrator, Institute for Information and Innovation, University of Southern Maine

Cross Jurisdiction Collaboration

Pressure has been intense on government organizations to share resources and data with other jurisdictions, agencies and the public at large. As the amount of... more

  • Greg McNeal - Chief Technology Officer, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine
  • Joshua Reny - Town Manager, Town of Fairfield
11:45 - 12:45PM


12:45 - 1:45PM

Lunch Keynote - Should Government Try to be Cool?

Getting the attention of citizens in today's world is a challenge, to say the least. Government organizations can struggle in vain to get their messages... more

1:45 - 2:05PM


2:05 - 3:05PM

Concurrent Sessions


Open Web Services in GIS

Geography, space, location, place. More than ever, location-based services are critical to the business missions we all face. Interoperability is the key to... more

  • Tom Lynch - Applications Manager, Department of Transportation, State of Maine
  • Michael Smith - State GIS Manager, Office of GIS, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine

Big Data - Big Expectations

The problem with data is that there's too much of it, too many kinds of it, and it arrives too quickly to be properly utilized.... more

  • Dennis Faucher - Director of Presales Engineering, AdvizeX Technologies
  • Tim Paydos - Director, World Wide Government Big Data Team, IBM
  • Glenn Wilson - Founding Director, Maine Cyber Security Cluster and Director, Institute for Information and Innovation, Associate Research Professor, Department of Technology, University of Southern Maine

New Approaches to Disaster Communication

Recent disasters have shown more than ever the critical role of technology in ensuring public safety and continuity of government operations. Along with significant advances... more

  • Lynette C. Miller - Director of Communications, Maine Emergency Management Association

Mobile App: Responsive Web v. Native?

Responsive Web refers to a design approach aimed at providing optimal viewing, reading, and navigation experience on any device, from desktop computer to mobile phone.... more

Moderated by:
  • Victor Chakravarty - Enterprise Architect, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine

  • Ian Talmage - Senior Designer, InforME
  • Ken Quinton - Alliance Partnership Director, Stoneware, a Lenovo Company
3:05 - 3:25PM


3:25 - 4:30PM

"Fast Track" Sessions

This will be a series of fast paced 20 minute presentations... more


Life Long Learning

Funded by the Maine State Library and University of Maine's Fogler Library, the Learning Express Library is now available for all Maine citizens. Learning... more


Citizen Engagement and Connected Government

The population is getting more sophisticated - and demanding - about being heard by the government. At the same time, governments are recognizing the many... more

  • Tom Petrash - Executive Director, Industry Solutions Government, Oracle Corporation

Self Service Models for Citizens

As citizens and government clients increase expectations for 24/7 access to services, how do government organizations cope? This session will focus not only on... more

  • Richard Freund - Deputy Commissioner, Department of Labor, State of Maine
4:30 PM

Summit Reception

Everyone is invited! Please join in networking with your peers over refreshments.... more


Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.