Nov 18, 2015

It is my privilege and honor to invite you to the 2015 Maine Digital Summit – this will be our 13th Annual Summit. As those of you who have attended in the past know, this is a great opportunity to network with other Maine public sector resources, to meet with industry professionals, and to learn in a fun, fast paced environment. Each year, the breakout sessions get more popular, and the national speakers are always the highpoint of the day. It is so important that we have an opportunity to meet and review - many of the things we thought of as ‘future’ items are now here, and new opportunities are on the horizon.  Whether you are interested in things like 3Dd printing, drone regulations, project management, Agile discipline, IT workforce development, cyber security threats and approaches, or anything in between; you will find presentations and breakout sessions on timely topics.   Please  join us, because we really need you to be part of the discussion. I am looking forward to seeing you on November 18.

- Jim Smith, Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology, State of Maine