Jun 4, 2015

"I look forward to the Maryland Digital Government Summit every year. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on technology trends and to network with other jurisdictions and private industry specialists. Sometimes there’s just no substitute for personal interaction, and the Summit is an ideal place to do it."


- Sonny Segal, Chief Information Officer, Montgomery County


Thursday June 4

8:00 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments


9:00 am

Opening Remarks

David Garcia, Secretary of Information Technology, State of Maryland


9:15 am

Keynote – Find Your Voice

Jim Meskimen, Master Impressionist and Communication Coach

Today’s culture emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration, sometimes at the expense of the individual. This is particularly true in the IT arena where you can sometimes find yourself stereotyped, or even worse, not taken seriously by potential stakeholders. What good are insights and solutions if your words get lost in the crowd? You need to make sure that you’re heard! Jim Meskimen has spent the past 30 years studying the most famous, creative and interesting people in modern times. In this fascinating and hilarious session, Jim discusses – and illustrates – the traits and methods used by some of the best and most charismatic communicators in the world. Don’t settle for being “one of the crowd”. YOU have a unique identity. YOU have a voice!


10:15 am



10:45 am


The Internet of Everything

As the Internet continues its transformation from a web of information to a web of connected people and things, the bar keeps rising for designing networks and systems that are up to the task. Wireless, smart devices, convergence and ubiquitous sensors present both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. This session focuses on game-changing innovations and advances that are changing the way we live, work and play.


Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer, Montgomery County Government

Cliff Thomas, Managing Director, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco Systems

Build It or Buy It?

Odds are that you’re currently wrestling with the inability of your existing IT infrastructure to keep up with the escalating demands of big data, mobility, cloud, transparency, security, “as a service”, et al. The status quo is probably not sustainable for much longer. So where do you go from here and how fast should you try to get there? This session discusses modern infrastructure trends and ways to realistically evaluate needs and objectives.


Lauren M. Farese, Senior Director, State and Local Government - Eastern Region, Oracle Public Sector

Matt Lawson, Principal Architect, State and Local Government and Education (SLED), NetApp

The Power of Citizen Engagement

Technology is transforming society in fundamental ways as new generations grow up using digital devices before they can walk or talk. Needless to say, this puts pressure on government agencies to keep up with the times and – better yet – stay ahead of the curve. This session takes a look at today’s digital citizens (of all ages) and how to exploit modern “rules of engagement.”


Brian O'Malley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Maryland Transportation Alliance

Nancy Schmid, Director of Operations, NIC Maryland

Developing a Culture of Security in Your Organization

The biggest security challenge faced by IT officials is the attitude of “I’ve heard it all before”. A close second is “It’s not my job.” But if there’s anything we’ve learned through the years, it’s that security is a team effort and it’s everyone’s job. This session focuses on how to keep stakeholders educated, informed and engaged during the never-ending fight against intrusion.


DuWayne E. Aikins, Senior Strategist, Cyber Security, AT&T

Sribala Narasimhadevara, Information Security Officer, Coppin State University


11:45 am



12:30 pm

General Session – Communicating in a Crisis – 30 Years of Work Destroyed in 30 Seconds

Anthony Huey, President, Reputation Management Associates

Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year or even in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be sure that a crisis will put your organization’s (or your own) hard-earned image and reputation up for grabs. Learn how to control the flow of information and communicate with the media, stakeholders, bosses, peers and other audiences during a crisis.


1:30 pm



1:50 pm


Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been a divisive and bitterly fought debate. The FCC’s recent decision to govern tomorrow’s Internet as a public utility seemingly puts the issue to rest, but years of court battles are looming. As of now, nothing in cyberspace changes, but it’s time to consider the possible ramifications on government and society as a whole. This session discusses factors that are shaping the future of the Internet.


Casey Lide Esq., Partner, Baller Herbst Stokes & Lide, P.C.

Predictive Analytics

Metrics do a great job summarizing the past. But if you want to predict how people will respond in the future, there is one place to turn — predictive analytics. Government agencies have no shortage of data from which to extract actionable insights. This session looks at how to capitalize on existing data by making reliable projections that drive smarter decisions.


Rodney Hite, Product Manager, Big Data Solutions, ViON Corporation

Dr. Ben Passmore, Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Administration and Finance, University System of Maryland

Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualization may not be a brand new concept, but strides continue to be made in finding creative ways to reduce infrastructure sprawl. The basic approach is to replace hardware with software, and there is a surprisingly wide range of functions that are viable candidates. This session discusses proven strategies for implementing successful, scalable and affordable virtualized environments.


Chuck Kiessling, Solutions Architect, Data Center Optimization, Data Networks

Sam Knutson, Director, Product Management, Compuware

Jim McCormick, Director, Technologies Office, Caroline County


2:00 pm

Sponsor Briefing

(Industry sponsors only.) This informal discussion is hosted by Secretary of Information Technology David Garcia and Chief Technology Officer Greg Urban.


2:50 pm



3:10 pm


Cyber Threats Today and Tomorrow

As cyber attacks become more organized, advanced, persistent and adaptive, it is imperative that government organizations are informed, prepared and well-equipped to meet myriad security threats and challenges. This session focuses on the latest risk factors and the most effective ways to shore up your defenses.


Steve Charles, Co-Founder, immixGroup

Bhavesh Chauhan, Principal, Solutions Engineering, Verizon Enterprise Technology

Luis Estrada, Deputy Secretary, Department of Information Technology, State of Maryland

The Case for Open Data

Open government and transparency are unattainable without an aggressive open data strategy. Data empowers citizens – but only if it’s valuable information and only if it’s in a form that’s easy to understand and use. Otherwise, all the hard work just goes to waste. This session looks at how to effectively use open data to streamline, improve upon, and amplify citizen relationships.


Barney Krucoff, Geographic Information Officer, Department of Information Technology, State of Maryland

Victoria Lewis, dataMontgomery Project Manager, Department of Technology Services, Montgomery County Government

The Future of the IT Workforce

The IT landscape is changing, particularly for managers. Trends like mobility, cloud, citizen engagement, analytics, cybercrime and managed services are all game-changers. If your workplace hasn’t already undergone a fundamental shift, it surely will soon. This session focuses on identifying, developing, recruiting and retaining the skills needed by tomorrow's IT workforce.


Sherry Amos, Managing Director, Industry Strategy - Education and Government, Workday

Marlon Miller, Director, Workflow Automation Solutions, Public Sector, Xerox Large Enterprise Operations

Greg Urban, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Information Technology, State of Maryland


4:10 pm

Executive Reception

Network with your colleagues and discuss technology solutions with the event exhibitors.

Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.