Nov 8 - 9, 2012

"At last year's summit we talked about innovation and how we're doing more with less. Welcome to the NEW NORMAL! Technology is the solution to financial and service delivery challenges in government but our IT community still faces severe financial constraints of its own in trying to support, enable and transform government. We have to do the best with what we have - our people, skills, technology and innovative spirit; I look forward to seeing everyone at this year's Massachusetts Digital Government Summit. Let's continue sharing information, be open to others' ideas, and come prepared to solve problems together! This summit is always a highlight of the year for me and I look forward to seeing you there again!"

- John Letchford, Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Speaker Profile

Mark Cleverley

Director of Public Safety, Global Government, IBM

Mark Cleverley helps governments with technology-enabled transformation. He advises government clients and IBM teams on potentials, challenges and best practices in the evolving use of new technologies and how they might affect strategy and policy choices.

Mr Cleverley has consulted widely on a variety of government projects at local, regional and national levels, and has written and spoken publicly extensively in the USA and abroad. In his current role he works with governments in many nations on new approaches to challenges in law enforcement, emergency management and related domains. Earlier as Director of Strategy for IBM's Global Government Industry, he focused on new technology areas and their impact for the public sector: on general e-government, and most recently, social media, cloud computing, and IBM's smarter city initiatives.

Previously he was responsible for IBM's Public Safety, Justice, and related clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Earlier he led technology-enabled innovation projects in the oil, aviation and financial services industries, in Western Europe, the USA and Russia. These ranged from consolidating European data centers, through implementing core airline systems, and included one of the earliest (pre-web) public access kiosk developments.


Thursday Nov. 8 2:30PM

Innovation in Government

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