Oct 21 - 22, 2013

"At last year's summit we talked about being innovative and using technology to enable the success of local and state government. But that goal by itself is simply no longer audacious enough. Our leaders expect ubiquitous, accurate and insightful data to be the foundation upon which to fundamentally transform government and dramatically improve the lives of Commonwealth residents. That is what we need to talk about at this year's Massachusetts Digital Government Summit. The summit is always a highlight of the year for me and I look forward to seeing you there!"

- John Letchford, Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Digital Government Summit 2013 Overview

Message from Keynote Speaker "GovGirl"

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Speaker Presentations:

Demonstrating ROI for Tech
Speakesr: Darrel Harmer, Colleen Ogilvie, Joe Berding, John Garing, Philip Griffiths >> Download Presentation

Insecurity in the Cloud
Speaker: Michael Shepherd >> Download Presentation

Social Media in Gov Today
Speaker: Geoffrey Kula >> Download Presentation

Video Surveillance
Speaker: Darryl Ramsey >> Download Presentation

Keynote Speakers

International explorer, photographer, author, and television host Josh Bernstein has traveled more than 1,000,000 miles by train, plane, bus, bike and camel to over 65 countries, exploring the biggest mysteries of our planet in pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

Josh has traced the Ark of the Covenant from the caverns of Jerusalem to the mountains of Ethiopia, searched for the Holy Grail in the bowels of Nazi Germany, and communed with tribal chiefs in the darkest jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. He has ventured deep underground with NASA scientists to explore the origins of life on Earth and has hunted with alleged cannibals by moonlight in the forests of Papua New Guinea--all in a quest to uncover some of the most fascinating mysteries of our planet.

Josh's television career began when he debuted as the host of a new adventure-archaeology series called Digging for the Truth on The History Channel. The series quickly became the highest-rated original series in the network's history. Later, Josh moved to Discovery Channel, where he served as host and executive producer of Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein. Josh is currently developing a number of new projects.

In addition to his work on television, Josh is also the president and CEO of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, the oldest and largest wilderness survival school in the world. Josh is a fellow of The Explorers Club and The Royal Geographical Society and a patron of the American Museum of Natural History.

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Bill Bott uses a team approach to tackle organizational challenges, such as strategic planning, process improvement, project management, customer satisfaction, and problem solving. He uses the same tools developed by leading private sector companies to facilitate change from within the organization. Bill's specialty is in helping to make elements of square pegs fit into the round holes that make up the work we do.

Bill is best known for his role in consolidating the IT functions and staff in the state of Missouri, which saved the state over half a billion dollars in real costs in less than 10 years. For this, Bill was named a GOVERNING Public Official of the Year in 2007, and in 2008 he was recognized as one of Government Technology's Doers, Dreamers, and Drivers. He also received accolades from the American Business Awards for his innovative approach to IT management and was chosen to represent the United States as a young leader by the American Council on Germany.

Bill joined the Change and Innovation Agency in 2009 and now works with public servants across the country. A regular speaker on Project Management, his message of true process improvement before automation is a frequent theme in his writings and in his workshops.

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Kristy Fifelski is recognized as a national leader in government social media and digital strategy.

Kristy works closely with e.Republic Inc., the parent company behind popular industry publications such as Government Technology and GOVERNING magazines. She is also the creator and host of GovGirl, a unique online video show focused on government innovation. What started off as a small blog about her experiences during her 10-year career in government turned into a popular video series followed by government employees all over the country.

She served on the board of directors of the National Association of Government Web Professionals, and her government career included being the web manager for the City of Reno, NV, public relations coordinator for the City of Wheaton, IL and deputy clerk for the Town of Cortland, IL.

Kristy holds a Master's Degree in Communication from Northern Illinois University, where she graduated with honors.

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Superintendent-in-Chief Linskey began his career with the Boston Police Department in1986. He rose through the ranks as a Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Superintendent. In 2009 Chief Linskey was appointed Superintendent-in-Chief, the highest ranking uniform officer in the Department, responsible for overseeing the day to day operation of the entire department.

Chief Linskey has garnered a national reputation as a special event planner and critical incident commander. He helped plan and implement the Boston Police Department's response to the Democratic National Convention and 7 World Championship sporting events. As the Incident Commander at the 2013 Boston Marathon, he implemented the response to the bombing attacks and was one of the first commanders on scene on April 19th. Chief Linsky oversaw the arrest and capture of the terrorists after a fierce gun battle which included bombs being thrown at officers, an unprecedented shutdown of the city and one of the largest and most challenging tactical responses in the history of civilian law enforcement.

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Tuesday Oct. 22 9:05AM

Keynote - Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon Bombing was horrific but it could have been much worse. Public safety officials did a superb job of using both modern technologies... more


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