Sep 25, 2012

"I am very excited about the 1st Annual Mississippi Digital Government Summit. Our vision is for the Summit to become the leading event where government leaders can focus on enabling technology to be an effective tool to streamline government and provide vital services to our constituents. In times of continued fiscal stress, advances in information technology present an opportunity to investigate the potential for transforming the business of government, and envision the government of tomorrow. The Mississippi Digital Government Summit will provide a cost-effective and convenient venue for us to meet and discuss our shared challenges. I encourage your attendance and look forward to seeing you there."

- Dr. Craig Orgeron, Executive Director, MS Department of Information Technology Services

Advisory Board

Government Representatives

Ray Barksdale
Chief Information Officer
Department of Transportation
State of Mississippi

Jenny Bearss
Chief Systems Information Officer
Mississippi Management and Reporting System
Department of Finance and Administration
State of Mississippi

James Dunaway
Chief Information Officer
Department of Mental Health
State of Mississippi

John Helms
Director Information Technology Division
Mississippi Development Authority
State of Mississippi

Tommy Jameson
Chief Information Officer
Department of Employment Security
State of Mississippi

Clay Johnston
Information Technology Director
Department of Public Safety
State of Mississippi

Craig Orgeron
Executive Director
Department of Information Technology Services
State of Mississippi

Rita Rutland
Chief Information Officer
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
State of Mississippi

Umesh Sanjanwala
Director, Information Management
Department of Agriculture and Commerce
State of Mississippi

Curtis Thornhill
Information Systems Director
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
State of Mississippi

Marc Wilson
Chief Information Officer
Department of Health
State of Mississippi

Industry Representatives

Scott Cook
Account Manager 3 - Strategic Team Lead

Carl Gersh
Field Marketing Support Specialist

Ed Gogol
Regional Director

Terrell Knight
Director, Government