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Sep 22, 2015

"Providing Mississippi government with progressive technology solutions is only achieved through active collaboration. The Annual Mississippi Digital Government Summit focuses on facilitating a strong and collaborative environment, bringing together leaders passionate about enabling technology as an effective tool to streamline government and provide vital services to our citizens. Compelling keynote speakers, thought-provoking topics, and innovative sessions will address topics that we face as technology leaders in the public sector. I invite you to join me in attending and look forward to seeing you at the 4th annual Mississippi Digital Government Summit!"

- Dr. Craig Orgeron, Executive Director, Department of Information Technology Services, State of Mississippi

Mississippi Digital Government Summit 2015


Government Technology’s passion is helping spread best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector. The Mississippi Digital Government Summit is designed to do just that. The summit has an advisory board that gathers public- and private-sector leaders to create an agenda designed to make that passion relevant and actionable to the state and local government organizations attending the summit. Participants tell us they use the inspirational keynotes, leadership discussions, networking breaks, and the timely topics discussed in the numerous breakout sessions to help advance the goals of their organizations.
If you influence or participate in technology decisions or implementations at any level, you will want to attend.  Don't miss this opportunity to see the latest in digital government solutions, keep abreast of current policy issues, and network with key government executives, technologists and industry specialists.

This Year’s Topics Include:

  • Living in the Cloud
  • Analytics: Making the Data Work
  • Mobility – Better Ways to Serve Citizens and Staff
  • Lessons From Healthcare Technology – Breaking New Ground in Government
  • Connected Government
  • The Impact of Broadband in Mississippi
  • Collaboration Innovation Nation


Opening Keynote: Open Roads Open Minds: An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving

Steve_Uzzell_headshotSteve Uzzell, Renowned Photographer

Steve Uzzell is a veteran National Geographic photographer and one of the nation’s leading corporate photographers. Steve's award-winning approach to his photographic work is driven by the philosophy that an open mind allows solutions to appear in unexpected places and, above all, “preparation leads to magic”. Using his striking photographs to illustrate the creative process, Steve inspires us to take advantage of our own experiences and vision to make any venture an adventure.



General Session – Breach! When Bad Things Happen to Good People (and Their Organizations)

Cyber security is the new front line of financial crime and social upheaval. It is the new Wild West, with hackers divided among the "white hats" and "black hats." Stage coach and bank robberies of old have been replaced by heists of personally identifiable information from major retailers, insurers and governments. Political protests are increasingly taking the form of denial-of-service attacks by so-called “hactivists” to disrupt the normal order of things. Such things can and do happen anywhere, and everybody has a role in preventing, preparing for, and responding to cyber threats. This interactive session unpacks key lessons and learnings from real-life cases with the help of a panel of local experts and engaged audience members.



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If you represent a Private Sector organization and are interested in attending the Event, please contact Heather Earney, Sales Operations Manager (916) 932-1435.


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